How It Works

Architecture of Trustcore Security Technology

Trustcore XO is the trademarked bundled software security platform of Trustcore Technologies. A trusted security platform seamlessly integrated into the silicon level of the TrustZone in ARM devices.

Trustcore XO monitors the Real Time application (e.g., HVAC system, IV Pump, smart valve, robot, etc.) while at the same time providing protection against any attacks. Trustcore has devised an ingenious way to accomplish this very complex challenge.

  1. First, it uses a hypervisor to host the application so that all communication is forced through the TrustZone security platform we call Trustcore XO. This prevents attacks mounted through the application, while also monitoring the health of the application. User and entity behavior analysis (UBEA) is used extensively to monitor the application.
  2. Second, it embeds into the ARM TrustZone security technologies such as firewall and deep packet inspection. That prevents attacks from the outside world, as well as prevents attacks from exiting the device into the enterprise network and database. All while using trusted software and sources to ensure the highest level of security.
  3. Finally, the hypervisor and secure zone are connected by a high-speed message bus which mitigates any impact on the performance of the application. The use of the hypervisor also enables the deployment of Trustcore XO without any customization of the application.

Our Technology

IIoT Device is the Undefended Layer in the Enterprise Cyber Security Architecture

  • Silicon Level Defence

  • AI/ML Powered Intrusion Detection

  • Secure Over The Air Updates

Trustcore X0™

  • Bundled Security Solution

  • Behavior Analytics using Artificial Intelligence

  • DDOS and Ransomware protection

  • Can replace infected OEM Software

  • Seamlessly integrated into OT device

  • User Dashboard Monitoring

  • Trusted Firewall

Protect your IIoT devices from cyber attacks